What to Wear, What to Wear

It can be a challenge to wake up every morning and come up with a new outfit. We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, and we often ask ourselves “What will I wear today?” I think one of the greatest things you can do when you’re in this situation, is flip to a nearby fashion magazine or browse sites like GOTRYITON for inspiration!

I even keep the current issues of my favorite fashion magazines laid out on my dresser in my closet, so that I can quickly get outfit inspiration. Heck, I even have collages of looks that I tore out that hung up on my closet walls that stood out to me.

In this post, I’ve compiled a few innovative outfit ideas from everyday people, that can hopefully help you to get out of that rut! There’s a new idea for everyday of this week.

Sunday- Graphic+Suede Skirt+Beanie

Monday- Lace Dress+Cardigan+Braided Belt

Tuesday- Classic Button Down+Pleather Pants

Wednesday- Striped Blazer+Plaid Shirt+Ruffle Dress

Thursday- Comfy Sweater+Leggings+Shorts

Friday- Sweetheart Neckline+Hi-low Skirt

Saturday-Leather Jacket+Knee Highs+Ankle Booties

Which looks will you try this week? Also, do you ever get in an outfit rut? If so, what do you do?


Photos from ChicFeed.com, Pinterest.com, Roxy, Snakes Nest, and Frassy