What I Wore to School Today

So I’ve decided that I am going to try to take pictures of my outfits before school everyday using my webcam. Now I know this isn’t the best camera to use, but under the circumstances, it’s what will be the most efficient for now. With school starting back, it will be a challenge to create outfit posts like I’ve done in the past (photoshoots with a professional camera and artsy backgrounds). Hopefully if I have any spare time on the weekends or holidays I can start doing it that way again! For now, taking a few brief snapshots with my webcam, will be quick and easy and get the job done. After all, I still want to have that aspect of my blog where I share my outfits with you guys. I hope this works for everyone… feel free to leave suggestions and feedback below!

This was kind of a fun outfit because of the funky printed top. I was really excited to wear it since I have nothing like it! I toned it down with a simple navy vest and jean shorts. I combined three bracelets together (all with a wooden, earthy feel) and finally topped it off with snakeskin ballet flats in cream. 

Vest: Forever21 
Shirt: Vera Wang
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Friedman’s 
Shorts: American Eagle