What I Wear in a Typical Week: Summer Edition

My style isn’t very consistent. I like to get dressed the morning of, because what I wear reflects how I feel that day. Not only that, but fashion is so fun to me, I love figuring out who I want to be today, and selecting a look that reflects that. Below is what I wear in a typical week of summer 2016. DSC_7512

I am a sucker for the bandana/choker necklace/skinny scarf trend right now. These are all creative ways to bring attention to your decolletage. Since I enjoy a touch of something different to every outfit I wear, I chose this criss cross tee from Aeropostale. It’s a spin on the traditional.


Sunglasses // Forever 21  Bandana // Gifted  T-shirt // Aeropostale
Denim Vest-Dress // Thrifted  Flats // Nordstrom Rack  Bangle // Gifted


Ever since I did the “big chop” and went au naturale this past fall, I’ve been obsessed with wearing headwraps. This is a new one I can add to my collection thanks to my boyfriend’s sweet surprise. I’ve been wanting one from The Wrap Life for so long! These wraps are perfect because they add color and pattern to an otherwise bland outfit. They’re also lifesavers for bad hair days.


Headwrap // The Wrap Life  Button Down Shirt // Thrifted 
Shorts // Thrifted  Sneaks // Converse Store


For those days when you just don’t feel like trying, a zip-up hoodie dress is ah-mazing! For good measure, I threw on an oversize hat so I didn’t have to deal with my hair. I am lazy, I know; yet I still got compliments on this outfit! This piece can be worn two ways as I’ve shown below.


Hat //  Forever21  Choker // Forever21  Hoodie Dress // Nordstrom Rack
Tank top // Forever21  Shorts // DIY  Flats // Nordstrom Rack


I found these Rebecca Minkoff leggings at Nordstrom Rack and fell in love with the print. They’re so fun and sporty; now I can switch up from wearing my Adidas pants when I want an athleisure look. I try to keep my outfits from looking all one way, so I balanced the gym vibe with a more wearable denim jacket and crop top.


Denim Jacket //  Marshall’s  Crop Top // Free People
Leggings // Nordstrom Rack 
Slip on Sneaks // Payless   DSC_7810

Every now and then I like to wear a lot of color at once. It’s rare that I do, but sometimes I’m just in that kind of mood! Orange is a great color for those who have a similar skintone as I do. It’s my go-to when I want to look bright and bold. Of course, I had to pair it with a headwrap!

DSC_7800 (1)

Headwrap //  Kilimajaro African Heritage   Earrings // I Thought of You  Dress // Gifted  Flats// Nordstrom Rack  Bracelets // Gifted from Costa Rica

What do you typically wear in a week? Which outfit was your favorite? Leave a comment below 🙂

All Photographs Taken by T.L. Berry Photography