Transition Outfits: From Summer to Fall

Just last week it was hot and sunny at 80 degrees, but this morning it was around 60 and very chilly! As we’re transitioning from summer to fall, we have to make adjustments with our clothing. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: It’s all about layering. This post is going to be a little different from the usual. Instead of me showing you what to wear as the weather fluctuates, the winners of my recent polyvore contest will be your teachers (as well as a few fashion bloggers and people I’ve received emails from).

I received nearly 100 entries for my polyvore contest on transition outfits… three of them won. Here are the winner’s takes on how to transition into Fall.

1st Place Winner- Set Created By: Valle

Tips: Bring out your neutrals, but don’t forget to add a splash of color as well! Trench coats are a great transitioning outerwear. 

2nd Place Winner- Set Created By: Planetlipstick

Tips: Thick cardigans, military style boots and circle scarves are all great accents to a chic and cozy outfit. 

3rd Place Winner-Set Created By: Mystylediaries1

Tips: If it’s not too cold, shorts can still be okay. Just make sure you balance them out with a cardigan in a bright color, or a knit sweater. A jewel toned shoe, and a mint green ring are fun ways to add hints of color. 

Here are a few more outfit ideas to inspire you during this tricky transition period

Sharon emailed me her transition look!

I like that the skirt is a little longer than what you might wear in the summer, and the sweater provides a nice balance. Notice how she still incorporates summer elements (sandals, sunglasses). 

Audrey from

I love the metallic oversized top! For some reason it just screams Fall to me.  

Jenny from

Her knit headband is too cute! A perfect way to keep ears toasty. 

Bethany from

I love the simplicity of this. A simple sweater and skinny jeans can go a long way.