Top 3 New Nail Trends

Nails are the perfect way to show your character in a subtle manner, something noticeable only by search. The therapeutic act of doing your nails even is half the fun! Here are the latest trends in Nail style.

1. Colorblocking

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This is a trend taken straight from the fashion runway. Bring it to your nails with your favorite shades and a neutral to break them up. Use strip stickers to make straight lines. So cute!

2. Magnetic Nails

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This new Sephora magnetic nails collection seems like the coolest thing ever. Use it to paint on, then the magnet built into the top of the polish will create designs on your nails unachievable any other way. I can’t wait to try it…review coming later!

3. Mismatched Pattern

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This style is a little harder to achieve. Create a color palette you like to work with, collecting both thin nail styling pens and normal polish bottles. Having fun with this one is the most important thing. And the best part about it–with such unique patterns, a small mess up will be completely unnoticeable!