They’re Back: How to Wear a Women’s Jumpsuit

Many fashion savvy women predicted that women’s jumpsuits were gone forever, but jumpsuits are back with a vengeance on the runway and in stores. They have the capacity to be both functional and fashionable. A jumpsuit serves as a ready-made outfit; find the right accessories and shoes and you are set. There are ways to dress them up as well as ways to create a casual look. This article will provide some helpful insight on the best ways to wear your new jumpsuit.

Jumpsuits are garments that incorporate both top and bottom into one piece. According to eBay, the first women’s jumpsuit was designed in 1919 as a futuristic outfit by Florentine Thayat. This subversive design eventually became popular with skydivers and aviators. In somewhat of an ironic way, it was a man – Elvis Presley – who did the most to popularize this design.



Jumpsuits come in many variations, which make it a very versatile style. There are pants, halter rompers and even short jumpsuits. The versatility of this style means that there is a jumpsuit to fit the style and body type of almost any woman.

Although there are numerous variations in the design, it does not mean that every jumpsuit is designed for every woman. Wearing the wrong style can end up being a fashion nightmare. There are certain dos and don’ts that you must adhere to in order to ensure that you don’t create any major fashion faux-pas.

The Right Length

Length is extremely important when choosing the right jumpsuit. Although taller women can get away with long lengths that sweep the floor, it is not recommend for shorter women. It does not have the same visual effect. In addition to bottom length, jumpsuits can have variations in the length of the sleeve. Women who possess well-defined arms should go bear armed – wearing a halter romper or even a tube top. Jumpsuits with long sleeves tend to look more elegant and they are good for covering up some of those troubled areas.

Via Balmain RTW 2014

Via Balmain RTW 2014

Stick with Solid Colors

There are not too many things that can throw a romper off as much as a multicolor print. Because the garment is one piece, any print will cover you entire body. You can get away with that with dresses, but it doesn’t work as well with jumpsuits. Stick to solid colors, as they provide more class and elegance. If you don’t want to go with a solid color, you should try block colors, but busy prints should be avoided at all costs. When it comes to color variations, modesty is the order of the day.

Get the Right Size

One of the cardinal sins of fashion in any situation is wearing the wrong size. This sin is magnified when wearing a jumpsuit. An improperly fitted romper can reveal those bulges that you would much rather keep concealed. A proper rule of thumb is to wear it loose enough for it to drape while clinching your waist. In the instance that you are one of those women that likes to emphasize the shape of their derriere, you can choose a jumpsuit that is a little more fitted around the hips and buttocks area.

Wear the Proper Accessories

The manner in which you accessorize your jumpsuit is also very important. According to Cosmopolitan, you should pear your jumpsuit with a jacket to set it off. Marie Claire suggests offsetting your jumpsuit with a vest. There are numerous ways to accessorize, from shoes to jewelry. Whatever you do, don’t overdo it.

Include a Formal Jumpsuit in Your Wardrobe



Although jumpsuits can be great casual outfits, you should definitely invest in at least one that will be suitable for more formal events. This will provide a great deal of versatility to your formal wardrobe.

Jumpsuits are diverse enough that you can wear them all year round. Take the time to choose those styles and colors that flatter your particular body type. These suits have the potential to create a great sense of style, while providing significant comfort. If you follow these tips you should have no problem finding the right style of jumpsuit for you.

–Written By Megan Barnes. Megan Barnes enjoys fashion trends. She often writes about integrating them into a flattering and stylish wardrobe.