The 90’s Are Back!

So 90’s fashion is making a big comeback! Lately I’ve seen people wearing outfits that remind me of my youth ( I’m totally dating myself here ) But I remember watching TGIF on ABC and loving what Laura Winslow had on (Family Matters- great show Steve Urkel- if you don’t know anything about it Youtube it- You’ll love it!) So this blog post is dedicated to all my 90’s kids and the fashions that we once rocked and loved! Gotta love the resurgence of fashion!

1.       Overall’s– Once the go to easy piece for days when you didn’t feel like putting together a whole outfit. Who didn’t love overalls it was a top and pants all in one- Genius idea. In the 90’s, we kids rocked them Fresh Prince of Bel Air style with one hooked and one left hanging. The boys wore baggie T-shirts underneath, and for a more fitted sexy cool look, the girls would rock crop tops underneath.  Now you’ll see girls wearing them with crops tops, fancy blouses, heels, and chunky statement jewelry. Overall’s have become so fancy that you can even wear them into the office, if accessorized correctly!

2.       The Burgundy Lip– Dark lipstick or burgundy lip was so colossal in the 90’s that everyone from Naomi Campbell to Jennifer Lopez ( as a fly girl on In Living Color—Again Youtube it- great show) wore this look. At first this trend started out with the grunge crowd in the early 90’s but slowly made it way more main stream as fashion got it hands on it, and the look started gracing the cover of top fashion magazines all over the world. Now fast-forward 23 years and young celebs everywhere are bringing this look back. The lip was most recently seen making its way down the red carpet at the Emmys on actress  Sarah Hyland ( star of Modern Family) But stars like Rihanna, and Selena Gomez have also recently rocked the look. The great thing burgundy lip is that it gives you a little bit of edge and makes you look glamorous all at the same time!

3.       Timblerland– AKA ‘Tims” or “Tim Boots”- Tims were worn by every hip-hop artist known to man in the 90s, they practically became a rite- of- passage for anyone who wanted to be a-part of the hip hop cultural. These tan and brown boots were a trend that lasted all the way into early 2k, even Beyoncé wore them in her video (with now Husband Jay-Z) Bonnie and Clyde ‘03’ remix. These rugged tough boots were not intended to become a huge fashion staple, and statement, but they were, and now in 2013 they are making a comeback!  Stars like Kanye West, Khloe Kardashian , and Rihanna love these tough, yet stylish boots!

4.       Dr. Marten– Dr. Marten’s were SO Big in the 90’s that , you really weren’t a 90’s kids unless you had a pair. EVERYONE owned a pair of these tough rocker chic boots.  They even had a short cameo in the 90’s cult classic Clueless. Now stars like Emma Roberts, and Jessica Alba love wearing these. The boots are great for a casual Saturday stroll through the pumpkin patch or while you’re out running errands ( and by errands I mean going to Starbucks early Saturday morning for your caffeine fix! )

What’s your favorite 90’s comeback trend?