Surprising Facts About Shopping For Fall Fashion surveyed 7,315 online shoppers immediately after they checked-out from various retailers to take their temperature on fall fashion: The results were surprising.

* Retailers DOMINATE as source of inspiration: 86% of women and 71% of men cite the racks and sites of stores as where they look for ideas about what to buy.
* Fashion magazines didn’t place for men, and finished fifth for women, as 13% cite them as where they look for inspiration.
*68% of those who shop for fall fashion shop throughout the season.
* 1/5 of shoppers in households of 150K+ will spend at least 1K on fall fashion. 6% of those in households who make under 40K will spend at least 1K on fall fashion.
*42% of shoppers will only spend if they’re getting a deal or something is on sale.