Style Tip #8: Jean Maintenance


Some girls would say their favorite jean is in a dark wash with a skinny fit, others claim their light wash boyfriend jean as their go-to. Whichever you prefer, you should at least have one pair of denim that looks like it was made for you. What I mean is, do your jeans fit? Yes, they may be the right size, but do they emphasize what needs to stand out and minimize the less-forgiving areas? The fall is the perfect time to assess your favorite pair and make sure they’re still “fail-safe.”

Maybe you don’t have this pair yet. Gurla, it’s time to go shopping! Keep these things in mind as you do:

  • Curvy girls should look for jeans with stretch
  • Bring an honest girlfriend to tell you how you really look
  • Want to enhance your tush? Look for smaller back pockets
  • Want to minimize your tush? Stay away from puffy cargo pockets
  • Make a day out of jean shopping, take your time! At minimum, try on 10 pairs
  • If you find a pair you love, grab it in a few more colors
  • Don’t pay so much attention to the size, get the pair that flatters best (after all, you’re the only one that sees the tag)
Tips From Lloyd Boston’s “Before You Put That On.”