Style Tip #3: 10 Things To Stock Your Glove Compartment With For Style & Beauty Emergencies

Your tiny glove compartment can hold all the essentials you’ll need for a mini makeover. All ten items should be able to fit in a sandwich bag. In this order…*

1. Lipstick- Try one in a “blushy nude” it will work with what you already have on 

2. $50 in Cash- In case you don’t have the beauty essential or accessory you need, you’ll have the money to buy it

3. Breath Mints- Fresh breath is just as important as a pretty face or chic outfit

4. Hair Band- Great to have if your hair starts to go down hill throughout the course of the day. Instantly look put together by putting it up in a loose chignon

5. Earrings- For instant shine, go for simple faux diamonds

6. Fragrance- Go for one similar to the smell of a bar of soap so it’s not obvious you’re trying to mask anything

7. Nail Polish Remover Towelettes- No nail polish is better than a chipped coat

8. Clear Nail Polish- If you have the time, take off your nail polish and add a clear coat

9. Emery Board Get rid of your jagged edges

10. Costume Jewelry Necklace- Grab one that is fun, inexpensive, and you wouldn’t be upset about losing. A cool necklace will make you feel better, thus making you radiate on the outside

*Based on Lloyd Banks book “Before You Put That On.”


  1. bunnymysweet
    October 2, 2012 / 1:40 am

    Great tips, I can not stress the importance of the hair band enough!
    ( /)
    ( . .)

    • Niyah
      October 2, 2012 / 4:18 am

      Haha! For sure 🙂