Style Stars of the Week: Bren + Pip Parkins

I’ve been following Bren and Pip on Instagram for a little while now, and am always stunned at their photos! Their style is impeccable, their feed incredibly curated, and poses on point. I had to reach out to them and see if they’d like to be featured here on the blog. They agreed! Keep reading to learn more about the twins and see just what I am talking about. 

Bren and Pip Parkins, 26

“We are Native Floridians. We currently live in East Delray Beach, Florida. It’s a fun little city right near the beach with a touch of historical charm.”

Pip is currently an esthetician student. “I finish in November, so it has been quite hectic, but still very fulfilling.” Bren is an Interior Design student, “though I am always toying with the idea of furthering my studies in writing.” Both sisters have a BA in English/Creative Writing.

The girl’s explain their style is always evolving. “We love so many styles that it is hard to pinpoint one, but I would say we like experimenting with trends and adding a bit of vintage or quirky flare to it. Eclectic would probably be the right word.” I agree. When I look at their photos I imagine them in Paris, not Florida. 

“I always look in my wardrobe and see which of my favorite pieces I haven’t worn in a while. I like to switch things up and give a fresh spin on something that I feel has been neglected in my closet,” Bren shares. 

When asked what item of clothing or accessory makes you feel most like yourself, Pip responded, “pajama style tops and robes are the perfect marriage of comfort and classic style. In a way this style is a bit daring and adventurous in the way that it is unexpected. I just love it and feel most myself in the pajama style.” 

For Bren, It’s all about headwear. “Majority of the time, I don’t feel complete without a hat. Wide-brimmed, newsboy, berets…I love them all. They just seem to be the icing on the cake for any outfit.”

I love asking the style stars I interview what their dream jobs are. While the twins both agree on their goal of being full time fashion bloggers, they differ on a few things. “My dream job would be to have a little bed and breakfast in the UK somewhere. The notion of running a quaint business like that sounds so appealing and somehow romantic,” says Pip. “My dream is becoming a fiction writer. My historical fiction writing is exceedingly important to me and I wish I could give it more of my time,” Bren states. 

When they’re not shooting for their blog, the girl’s enjoy watching Red Letter Media videos on Youtube, shopping, visiting museums, antiquing, and finding new gluten-free bakeries. “We both have an addiction to television shows. We are also geeky movie buffs. We could discuss tv shows and films for hours.”

“We tend to always seem serene and happy on the outside, but we have both struggled with depression, anxiety, and social anxiety for years now. We are open books and think it is important to share so that others can see that fashion blogging isn’t only for outgoing individuals. We strongly believe that it is vital to discuss mental health so it isn’t seen as such a taboo.”

When dealing with stress and anxiety Bren and Pip have mantras that help them get through it. For Pip, “I am always telling myself ‘You can do it’, ‘Take one day at a time’ or ‘Will this [what I’m stressing over] really matter in the future’.

Bren on the other hand, takes to poetry, “I repeat the first line of John Keats’ ‘Endymion’ in my mind – ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever…’ I repeat many lines from his poetry on a daily basis.”

The girl’s are excited abut the fall trends coming up. “We can’t wait to wear vintage fur, bold red, and Victorian collars!” they share. They both agree that If they had to wear one outfit for a week straight, it would be a graphic tee, jeans, and mules or heels. “It is the quintessential outfit.” With cooler weather approaching, “we can’t wait to pair tees and jeans with our favorite boots!”

With such great style, you may wonder who inspires them. When asked “If you could trade closets with anyone who would it be?” They said  Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit has one of the best wardrobes. “Her style is so effortlessly chic, elegant, and unique. We always love her stunning accessories.”

To see more of Bren and Pip head to their fashion blog and a Pinterest – Bren and Pip Parkins – where they pin fashion inspiration and outfits of the day.  

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