Style Star of the Week: Taquann Drayton

Taquann “Tay” Drayton
New York, New York
Occupation: Fashion Retail Full time & Lifestyle Blogger on the Side

How would you describe your style: Versatile. I try not to box myself by having one particular kind of style all the time because I think it’s very predicate when people can automatically place you in a category based off your certain type of style. I like to be unpredictable & play around with different looks. One day you will see me give androgynous vibes & the next you will see street wear vibes. I also love to mix high & low. I don’t mind mixing Valentino & Dior with H&M & Uniqlo. I have a great appreciation for high & low. 

What do you think about getting dressed in the morning: This may sound crazy but the funny thing is, I don’t think. I’m a perfectionist. With that being said, pretty much everything in my life is very organized and well planned out so I don’t have to spend time thinking about it. I just grab and go & if for some reason I’m not feeling the particular look I cultivated, I have a plan B & C for backup. 

Who or what inspires your style: Instagram & New York City are definitely my two biggest inspirations. I’m so grateful to live in a well diverse city with an endless amount of creative people around me everyday to bounce off of. On Instagram, I love to see fellow bloggers styles because I get ideas from all of the other bloggers out there as well as other fashion pages & try to recreate certain looks that I love but with my own twist, of course. Instagram is basically my new google. 

What is your dream job: To sum it up, I wanna be an entrepreneur. I wanna dabble in many different business ventures because I was never a one lane type of person & have so much that interest me. I always wanted to go into real estate. Growing up in New York, architecture, buildings and skyscrapers was something that always fascinated me. Hopefully I can build and own a building one day. I also want to own a restaurant. I have a great love for food & I wanna create a one of a kind experience for people to come, eat & enjoy. The biggest dream I want to achieve is to become a very influential blogger because I want to show & be a great example to the future generation to the LGBT community that you can be yourself, live in your truth and be comfortable in your own skin. We sometimes tend to get lost in being something we are not out of fear, validation or acceptance & we need more positive figures for the next generation to look up to.

What’s something you read about recently that you found interesting or thought provoking: Definitely North Korea launching multiple missiles into the Sea of Japan. I try to be very in tune & somewhat educated as to what’s going on in the world besides the world of fashion & I think it’s crazy what’s going on in the world right now. It’s very alarming knowing that we can possibly enter a war with North Korea. 

What do you like to do in your spare time: I love to spend quality time with my boyfriend, family & friends. I love to go shopping, traveling & out to eat, especially for Sunday brunch. Then I have my times where I like to be alone, write in my journal and reflect on my life…..or just simply lay down, order take out and binge watch my favorite reality shows. I’m a reality tv junkie. I have an obsession for all the Housewives shows (Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New Jersey & New York City are my favorites) Love & Hip Hop & Basketball Wives. 

What is something most people don’t know about you: Most people think I can only dress well & take a good Instagram photo but they don’t know that I can draw & paint extremely well. I’m an all around very artsy person. 

Do you have a mantra you live by? If so, what is it: Live your dream, create you life & lead with intention. 

If you had to wear one outfit for a week straight, what would it be and why: It would be my denim crew neck t shirt, denim regular fit jeans, oversized denim jacket and my all white adidas. Denim on denim is one of my favorite looks because it’s simple & classic yet it still automatically brings attention especially if you have different shades of denim on all at once. Denim on denim looks like you tried without really trying. 

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