Style Star of the Week: Jarrel Jackson

Jarrel Jackson, 27
Cincinnati, OH
Aspiring Designer/Entrepreneur

My style is a beautiful mashup of street wear, vintage, athletic apparel and contemporary menswear. I like to express myself through different styles of clothing and footwear and combine them for unique looks. The first thing I think about when getting dressed is how I can turn heads while still being able to break out in a run if I have to. I like to be fashionable but functional at the same time.

Any item of clothing that I have made myself whether it’s distressed or painted jeans, custom shoes, or a bracelet I made really makes me feel like myself. I feel like all of my pieces give some kind of insight into my personality so I try to wear something I have made myself, every day.

My dream job is to be an architect one day as well as owning my own footwear and clothing brand(s). I would like to be in a position to help people through my work and inspire others.

Something that I read recently that was thought provoking was an article about the great Pacific garbage patch. Basically a lot of “trash” we throw away ends up in the water and kills habitats and wildlife. Information like this influences my designs as I like to upcycle items that people throw away to make something out of nothing. I believe one man’s trash is definitely another man’s treasure.

If could trade closets with anyone it would be Joe Freshgoods (@joefreshgoods) from Chicago, lL. Joe is a designer that owns a brand called DBM and co-founder of fat Tiger Workshop. I’m inspired by his DIY style, culturally relevant designs and the way he has made his brand a staple in the streetwear and hip hop community.

My mantra? Each one, teach one. I feel like each of us has something we can teach someone else, be it a skill like sewing or something as simple as humility or patience.

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Personal Instagram: @Og_rells
Custom Art Instagram: @RR_cutsoms