Shopping Calendar: What to Buy When

Did you know there are certain items of clothing that will be cheaper to buy at specific times of the year? Well, I am sharing the secret with you! Below I’ve listed the items you should be purchasing based on the month of the year. 

January – Research Spring looks from designers

February- This is the time to buy spring clothing, shoes and bags in stores.

March- Spring clothing will be in the magazines.

April- Purchase lightweights, springy dresses and trenches.

May- Swimsuit shopping is a must around this time of the year!

June- Buy basics and classics. Look for summer sales.

July- Research fall looks.

August- Fall clothing is in stores.

September- Purchase bags, boots, shoes, suits, jackets and coats.

October- Accessories, jewelry, LBD and coats/cashmere should be on your list.

November-This is the time to buy lingerie and holiday wear.

December – Resort collections are out. Buy for warm weather vacations.

Remember, this is a loose guideline… I hope this can help you save when you shop!