Q: What Should I Wear for My 21st Birthday?

Q: What should I wear for my 21st bday? I want to stand out but not look obnoxious. I’m thinking black would be best,Q but it’s all I ever wear and I want to mix it up. Do you have any suggestions?
Price Range: Under $75
A: Hi Megan! A big happy birthday to you for getting to your 21st, now that’s exciting! I can totally understand your dilemma, you want to wear something that makes you stand out, feel special, say twenty-one, but also not scream it. When I think 21, I definitely see someone rocking a little black dress, but if that’s what you wear most of the time I can see why you would shy away from it. Black is one of my personal favorite dress colors because it flatters most skin tones, and has a slimming effect to flatter most body shapes.

My advice to you would be to wear something black with a pop of color, sequins, or a pattern to make it unique. Now I have no idea what your plans might be for the night, but here are some dresses that I think can be worn anywhere, reflect on your sense of style, and are also in budget. Have a great birthday, and stay chic!