Q: What Should I Wear For My 21st Birthday?

Reader Sally G. had a fashion crisis… “I’m not sure what to wear for my 21st birthday!”

“It’s my 21st birthday, I want a fun outfit but nothing that is outrageous and screams I’m 21. I have a pretty simple style, laid back and stick to neutrals. I love shoes! So I always try to spice up an outfit that way! My problem is the weather…I live in Nebraska so you NEVER know what it is going to be like. Lately, the evenings have been around 60 degrees sometimes lower. I am caucasian, blonde hair and petite. I am 5’1 and wear a size 4. My budget: $50-$75.”

Dear Sally,

First of all, Happy Birthday! We’re actually both Libra’s… my birthday is October 3, so I can totally understand your crisis. Some of the things I wanted to keep in mind for you, are the facts that you are petite (you don’t want to wear anything that drowns you out) and you are blonde (greens, turquoise and lilacs work well with your skin tone). Of course, I also kept in mind your budget, the weather and your style for the choices below. What do you think?

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What I love about the shorts and heels combo for a night out is that it’s unexpected but just as dressy as a skirt or a dress. Look for silk, lace, organza, beaded or button up tops and shorts in a tweed, lace, or trouser finish. If the look still doesn’t feel appropriate for a night out, just add a blazer or statement jacket and some fierce jewelry.

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Peplum skirts are back again this fall. They’re also a great option for dressing up. You can pair yours with a bandeau top, collared shirt, or loose long-sleeved blouse.

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The little black dress is perfect for almost any occasion. Do the high low thing with this sheer beauty. Add a beaded chain purse and a peal necklace. Or, go for the bell sleeves like in the second one. My personal favorite is the last one with an opaque  neckline. Since you’re going to be all black on top, don’t be afraid to go bold with the shoes.

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These are dresses you can move and groove in! Go for something a little more colorful and choose a simple shoe. P.S. This color green is great on blondes!

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