Need to Relax? This Might Help

Iconic American lifestyle brand Vera Bradley has 33 years of successful pattern development under its belt. While most known for her bags, clothing, and accessories, the Fort Wayne fashion brand has unveiled something new: coloring books!

I am sure you’ve heard about the recent adult coloring book craze, but did you know the health benefits of it? Research shows  coloring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness. Groundbreaking research dating all the way back to 2005 (can you believe that was 12 years ago?) proved anxiety levels dropped when subjects colored mandalas: round frames with geometric patterns inside. Although, simply doodling, had no effect in reducing the other subjects’ stress levels.
I’ve had a chance to review Vera Bradley Floral Patterns Coloring Book and Vera Bradley Paisley Patterns Coloring Book, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am in the midst of what my school calls “Hell Week.” It’s the week before finals (because unlike the rest of the university, in art school we don’t have final exams, we have huge projects due and presentations). I’ve never felt more stressed trying to balance a million different projects at once ranging from sewing to water color painting, trend research, and drawing 100 designs for a fashion collection. So when I force myself to take a moment to breathe, coloring does the trick.
Inside the two books, you’ll find popular Vera Bradley patterns to color in. There’s also coloring techniques in addition to an art gallery of Vera Bradley’s favorite patterns.
These details make the book feel special. Here’s some more of what it looks like inside…
There’s pop-outs like this to use in different crafts.
And then of course there’s beautiful blank designs just waiting to be filled in! Ugh. Can’t wait for this semester to be over so I’ll have a lot more time to relax, sip lemonade, and take this book to the backyard. Just one more week left. I can smell summer…
Convinced that you need these in your life? Click to purchase Here and Here. Also, I heard there’s two more of these coming out in August 2017: Vera Bradley Seize the Day and Vera Bradley Enjoy the Journey.