My Current Obsession: Stacking Bracelets

Hi, I’m Niyah, and I’m a jewelry hoarder… I can’t help it, I LOVE accessories: scarves, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, hair bows– the list won’t stop. I often find myself wanting to wear all of my jewelry at once, and I can never have too much on! Luckily, I’ve found a way to wear a ton of jewelry at once, without it looking overkill.

Mixing and matching different bracelets, cuff, watches, etc. can be just what you need to give your outfit texture and a more refined style. It’s kind of like a collage; you’re pulling pieces from all different sources and putting them together onto one page (your arm in this case) to create a masterpiece. Below are some ideas for how to stack your bracelets the right way.

Tips to Think About When Stacking:

1. Use colors in the same family (e.g. blues and green together and browns, oranges and tans would go together)
2. Don’t be afraid to stack on both arms!
3. Mix textures. Pair beaded bracelets with wooden bracelets, cuffs with threaded bracelets.
4. There’s really no limit to how many you can wear at once. As long as your hands don’t feel too heavy 😉