Mid-Day Sun Soak

Tassel Wrap: Sara Benjamin’s     Jeans: Sara Benjamin’s     Tank Top: Nordstrom Rack     Earrings: 7 Charming Sisters      Boots: Nordstrom Rack

The other day a lot was on my mind and I just craved being outdoors and sitting alone. Away from my classmates, away from the fluorescent lighting, away from the noise. I just needed to find a clear space to process my thoughts, without the clutter of my surroundings distracting me. Do you ever feel like that? Spring semester is almost over. Three more weeks left to go. I am trying to hold on and keep pushing through all of these projects I have due, but it’s okay to let yourself relax for a minute. Sometimes you just need that mid-day sun soak to renew.

Photos taken by Caroline Eyer Photography


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