Like In The Movies: How To Holiday Like Your Favorite Film Characters

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This article is for the romantics and dreamers out there. We sit and watch the most beautiful films and sigh. Why don’t our lives pan out like that? Why do we have to see the stunning landscapes through the big screen rather than in person? We want it all. To taste the food, smell the sweet flowers, bathe in the beautiful colours. Well, if you think about it, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. If only for a couple of weeks in the year, you can use your vacation time to holiday like your favorite film characters. Here are a few ideas.

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A Roman Holiday

Oh, Italy. What a romantic setting. Roman Holiday, featuring the iconic Audrey Hepburn, is a whirlwind of romance against stunning Italian scenery. Kick back and relax like her character. Run away from the stresses of an overwhelming work life and let your hair down in Italy’s capital city. For the full experience, hire out a classic Italian scooter, such as a Vespa and take a day trip on it to experience the sights and sounds of this European paradise. If this doesn’t sound to your taste, why not check out Milan?

Camping in America

When it comes to camping and woodland getaways, most films don’t portray the experience so well. Think of the Blair Witch Project, Don’t Go Into The Woods and Without A Paddle. But Moonrise Kingdom changes all of that. The cinematography of Wes Anderson cannot be beaten. The beautiful aesthetics, perfect color palettes and flawless symmetry make every single shot of his films look like a world we want to live in ourselves. Then the story: a childhood romance in the summer camps of America. Campfires, orienteering and scouts uniforms galore. Well, over 22 million Americans go camping every year. So why not join their ranks? Make like Suzy and Sam and enter the wilderness. Don’t fancy sleeping in makeshift tents? Well, most adults probably wouldn’t. Take a reliable RV or campervan with you. This will supply you with the creature comforts of home with easy access to run free in the forests like the iconic characters of this dreamy production.

Bonjour, Paris!

Okay, there are a few influences for this one. Again, we have Audrey Hepburn in adorable romance Funny Face. Milling wistfully through the Parisian streets. Giving her hand at cooking some local cuisine. Escaping the mainstream and dancing in the underground cafes and musky jazz bars. But there are so many other brilliant films set in France that we’re ready to rush there, waving the tricolor and fluffing the petticoats under our huge circle skirts. Make like Jean Seberg in A Bout de Souffle and dine in beautiful restaurants. Or perhaps you’d prefer to go au Amelie and check out the city’s beautiful architecture, train stations and photobooths. Whatever your influence, Paris is definitely one for the cinematic romantic’s bucket list.

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