Just Add These: Spring’s Best Accessory Trends 2014

Tip 1: Go Vintage

Image Via Macys.com/shop

Image Via Macys.com/shop


Whether you’re inspired by the gems in the Downton Abbey collection or if you’re bedazzled by Modcloth’s first vintage-inspired jewelry collection, vintage jewelry is in –or at least vintage-inspired jewelry is in. If you’ve ever been to an antique store and seen ornate settings for gems or peals, sometimes in chunky arrangements, those are the kinds of things that are getting attention this Spring. If you’re attending an evening event or something more formal, pick settings that are more ornate and gem-incrusted. If you’re looking for some great baubles for the office or maybe for a road trip, go with vintage-inspired looks that are more colorful and chunkier.

Tip 2: Go Smart

Flat loafers –sometimes with tassels- are in. These aren’t your professor’s loafers, however: both of these loafers (featured on Modcloth) show the loafer style as unique and different. Other loafers from Overstock.com and other sites may take a more conservative approach with leather loafers, or leather loafers with fringe or tassels. These are in for Spring, too, but be careful not to find a pair of loafers that age you. Stay youthful with bright colors and unique shoe designs.

Tip 3: Fringe

You can try fringe on the edge of scarves, fringe on the hems of blouses, or fringed bags. This blouse from H&M is one of the easiest ways to incorporate fringe into your wardrobe. If you want to go for a more subtle approach try a scarf. Keep your eye out for fringe this spring: it’s on everything!

Tip 4: Cross-body Bags

Image Via http://www.peoplestylewatch.com/people/stylewatch/gallery/0,,20480654_20904818,00.html

Last year, bags got a little too big. It’s okay if you noticed –everyone noticed, and that’s why this year’s Spring trend is small, crossbody bags (sometimes called micro-bags). The smaller, the better. The more zippers, the better. This crossbody bag from Arizona Jean Co. is both small and has plenty of zippers.

Tip 5: The Big Wave Sunglasses 

Image Via http://www.pinterest.com/pin/188658671863984400/

Image Via http://www.pinterest.com/pin/188658671863984400/

Sometimes they look like ski goggles in time for this year’s Winter’s Olympics, and sometimes they look like giant sunglasses that are ideal for a day at the beach. Whether they’re wrap-around glasses or big, mirrored sunglasses, this year’s sunglasses trend is the opposite of the micro bags: the bigger the better. Some glasses companies like Carrera has put out a number of glasses models that have different large, stylish shapes.


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