It’s A Quick Fix (2 Solutions to 2 Common Problems)!

  • Don’t you hate it when you’re applying your mascara in a rush and you get some on your eyelid? I’ve seen so many girls with mascara remnants on their lids. Sometimes I just want to shout and say “There’s a quick way you can fix that!” I used to be a culprit too, but one day I discovered a magical tool– the Q-tip!  Source

With just a few drops of water on each end, you can quickly swipe off the excess mascara. All it takes is one Q-tip, use one side for each eye (it works just as well for when you leave excess masacra under your eyes when applying it on those bottom lashes). The great thing about the Q-tip is that it’s small enough to remove what doesn’t need to be there (unlike a washcloth, or cotton ball) which allows you maximum control. Plus they are super cheap!


  • I am always losing my stud earrings! I usually can only find one of the two… Story of my life. I have an obsession with studs, 90% of the time I’ll wear them versus any other kind of earring. I like that they are simple and easy, yet they can really frame your face! Unfortunately, they are also small. So, it can be hard to keep track of them sometimes. Source

Something I’ve started doing is buying them in bulk. Both Forever21 and H&M carry packs of studs for under $6. I love getting the ones from H&M that have 3 different styles, but each style comes in 3 or 4 different sizes. This way I have lots of options, and losing a pair won’t matter as much since I have back-ups.