I am an Adult Woman, And I Enjoy Wearing Tutus


When I first saw this Mystree tutu dress in the boutique I work at, I thought it was so cool. It took me a while to actually purchase it because I needed to convince myself I’d actually wear it. I tried it on, and all of a sudden the ideas started rolling. I can wear it with a sweater on top, or throw a cardigan over it. I can pair jeans with it, or my Adidas track pants, I can wear a long sleeve top underneath… I knew this would be a special weapon in my wardrobe. And I was right! I wear this thing more often than I’d like to admit. When I feel like my outfit needs that extra something, I add in the tutu and it gives me that edge I wanted. img_2752 img_2871

I really want to do a full lookbook showing how I wear this thing. For now, enjoy these lovely photos taken by Yanping Nora Soong. If you love dressing in a unique way, and like adding a little quirk to your fits, this may just be the thing you need. Trust me! img_2952

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