Homecoming Checklist

The leaves are changing, the air smells like apples and pumpkins, and we know Homecoming is right around the corner when our favorite thing to be doing is stalking those Facebook photos of other schools–and more importantly–their outfits. Here’s a checklist of things to make sure you do before your special night–make sure to catch that jaw dropping look!

✔ Nails: to match the dress or not to match the dress is always my question. Decide on a look you want before you set out to have them done or do them yourself. Dark, light, statement, simple? Classic french manicure? Even if it’s just a clear coat, brush them up to have a finished look for the dance.

✔ Shaving: I know I know, nothing fun about this next step. But take the time and it will pay off in the way you feel…I promise!

✔ Scent: this is my favorite part of getting ready for anything. Whether you’re using lotion or body spray or perfume, it’s the finishing touch to any look before you head out the door. Choose something to match your mood and spritz your neck, wrists, and behind your knees. Yum!

✔ Makeup: do some research before it’s time to get ready on Saturday night–watch YouTube makeup tutorials, or visit some of our favorite web sites like beautychameleon.com. Practice makes perfect, so don’t leave it until the last-minute or I guarantee a mess-up!

✔ Hair: check out my homecoming hair post from last Monday. There are 5 great, simple, cute styles. But remember, just like the makeup, it won’t be perfect until you practice!

Feeling amazing helps to look amazing,  and looking amazing helps to feel it! Tell me all about your homecoming beauty stories in the comments section…I can’t wait to hear them!