Heart Printed | OASAP Review

I received this top from OASAP a little over a week ago. OASAP is an online clothing store that partners with fashion bloggers, giving them free clothes in exchange for reviews like this one. As my blog is growing, I’m starting to work with affiliate programs like this on the side, but my promise to you is to be 100% authentic in my opinion of the products that are sent to me. So, here’s what I thought…

I was worried about the fact that there was only one-size available which is the case with the majority of their clothing. As a result, the shirt didn’t go on as smoothly as I would’ve hoped, and I wondered how other girls were managing who are more curvaceous than I am. If I was having trouble, then I’m sure others were struggling too! After taking a closer look at the fabric, I noticed some loose threads that shouldn’t have been there, and overall the quality of the top seemed fairly low– almost as if someone had rushed making it. All of these signs were going off in my head screaming “WARNING, WARNING, WARNING.” I couldn’t help but to be skeptical of the site as a whole.

In order to fulfil my end of the deal I took pictures with the top on (pictured above) and styled it my own way. While I do like the look of the shirt, the quality is so poor that I probably won’t be wearing it very often. With all of this in mind, I am going to try ordering a different piece from their website just to confirm my final decision as to whether I’ll shop there again. I feel like everyone deserves a second chance, so hopefully next time around things will be better. Free clothes are great, but sometimes it’s just not worth it, time will have to tell…

I want your opinion!

1. Do you think it’s a good idea that I’m trying once more, or should I let it go and listen to my initial impression.

2. If you do think it’s a good idea to give it another try, what should I order next? A dress? A pair of shorts? Maybe a bag?

Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂 Thanks!