Hazy Daze

Every Friday my best friend Alex and I hang out and we usually end up having a photo shoot. He loves the act of dressing as much as I do, and we both have a knack for photography. i love juxtaposition. So for this shoot we decided to find locations that are dingy and under appreciated, and contrast that with a well put together look. The weather that day was foggy and dreary– perfect for our concept.
DSC_3237 DSC_3238

DSC_3249 DSC_3254

Alex chose to go monochromatic with different shades of cream. He layered his outfit in such a way that he actually created a two-in-one look.

DSC_3261 DSC_3263I chose to dress up all fancy, with a floaty white dress, embellished blazer, and heels. I even arranged my hair in such a way that was reminiscent of the 1960’s.
DSC_3270 DSC_3275

These photos were taken at a construction site right off campus. Alex took a few more of me at a church across the street, and in a dilapidated alleyway near my apartment building.

DSC_3173 DSC_3167 DSC_3229 DSC_3285 DSC_3293Stay tuned for more of our #FridayPhotoshoots! And let me know what you think of these photos in the comments 🙂