DIY Lace Nail Trend

Lace nails seem to be taking to the ramp and red carpet a lot these days. Turns out, it’s super easy to achieve this look! Keep reading to find out how!

You’ll Need

  1. Lace trim
  2. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail polish
  3. Tweezers


● First, buff , clean and trim the nails.

● Select the lace you’d like to decorate you nails with.

● Cut the lace out according to the shape of the nails.

● Apply a thick coat of Sally Hansen clear nail polish.

● Immediately press the cut lace onto the selected nail with tweezers.

● Apply a clear coat onto the nail again.

This can be done in different colours, studded with diamonds-the choice is yours!

And the final turnout…

Here are some more lace nails for ideas.