Clinique’s Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm- A.K.A. The “Chubby Stick”

As shallow as it may sound, there’s nothing that I love more than Clinique’s new chubby stick… If I go without if for more than 2 hours of a time, I start to feel… lost.

I actually got it as one of the goodies Macy’s gives you for their promotions. I was buying a few things from Clinique’s skincare line and they threw the chubby stick in their as one of the many sample-sized gifts. Literally, one of the best lip treatments I’ve had!

The thing about the chubby stick is that it mainly moisturizes your lips, while adding a subtle hint of color. I love this! My lips always feel super smooth and healthy which is just what I need in these cooler months. The applicator is shaped like a crayon which makes it fun to put on. I guess that’s where the “chubby” comes from.

There are a total of eight shades ranging from “Mega Melon” (the one I have!!) to “Whole Lotta Honey.” You can buy them for $15 each.