Bronzer or Blush?

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When you think of color in your cheeks, what is the first word or image that pops up in your mind? Is it pink circles like in those old cartoons? Is it bright red lines on the edges of some over-done clown looking woman’s cheeks? Or is it a simpler word: bronzer? blush?

When it comes to choosing bronzer or blush, there are more possible outcomes for each decision than most people realize. Each is a better fit for different situations, and each a greater choice for different people. Here are some similarities, differences, and uses for both bronzer and blush–to help you make a more educated decision!


  • Bronzer and blush each come in two different forms: a powder and a liquid cream. This is a personal decision to make.
  • Each are applied on top of foundation, usually the last thing. Apply more than necessary because it is the first thing to wear off during your day.
  • Apply both following the lines of your cheekbones.

Bronzer Only Uses:

  • Bronzer gives your skin a sun kissed natural look. It is developed to give the illusion of a tanner face without having to use the sun’s dangerous rays for such an effect.
  • Better in the summer or for a night out.
  • Use a touch on forehead and bridge of nose for more of an all-around polished suntan look.

Blush Only Uses:

  • Blush is used more for a rosy color to your cheeks, to give the effect of coming inside after a walk in the cold winter.
  • Better as it gets colder, to look more natural and also contradictory to the usual “summery colors” makeup used mostly in warm weather.
  • Avoid using anywhere but the cheekbones to keep from that overly sunburnt looking face.

Which is your favorite?