Beauty on the Runway: The Tomboy Trend

As’s Fall Beauty Guide says themselves, one of the hottest new runway beauty trends is much more of a tomboy look than ever before. There are only a few major(ly simple!) components to achieving this style–which is perfect for things like a job interview, headshot photos, or even the occasional bold night out.

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1. Bold eyebrows are back! 

To achieve this full, sleek look of bold brows, use a nourishing brow oil to grow them out. Then take the tweezers back to them–but use sparingly. I like to outline a bold shape with white chalk, and tweeze everything around it.

Original Image:’s-fresh-silver-metallic-eye

2. Clear Faced and Au Natural 

The key to flawless tomboy trend makeup is using the mantra “less is more!” A plain face with good skin works best here. Use coverup for a smooth base, and add touches of detail like that seen on the eyelids above.

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3. Slick Hair

The hair is no doubt  one of the most key components to selling a good tomboy-look. If you have short hair, it will be easier. Just grab some foaming gel, and style your cut into a sleek and fit-to your scalp look. For long hair, use pins to clip into an up-do, and tease the front for more depth–creating the illusion of a shorter or more professional look.

Add a blazer, some high-wasted boy shorts, heels for a feminine touch, and you’ve got this style mastered! Where will you be sporting it?