After looking through some fashion books for inspiration on what to wear, I decided I wanted to try layering a shirt over a dress to make the dress look like a skirt. I wanted a dress that had a cool print on the bottom since that’s the part that would be showing. So I chose this dress which is from TjMaxx. What’s really neat about this dress is that there are buttons underneath the hemline┬áso you can adjust the length and amount of ruching. After playing around with the buttons for a while I got an idea: Why don’t I create an asymmetrical hemline? I could button the front up as far as it would go and leave the back unbuttoned. So once I figured that out and loved the way it looked, it was time for accessories!

I knew I wanted a belt. A wide one seemed to pull everything together more, but I didn’t have a wide belt that went with the color scheme I wanted. So then I tried a few thin belts, but something was always missing… At one point I tried on two different belts at the same time to compare them, but I ended up liking both of them together and just left it.

After that, the rest kind of came naturally. This outfit was a lot more complicated to put together than I originally planned, but I think it was worth it. What do you think? Leave your honest feedback below.

Both Belts: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Nordstrom
Top: Old Navy
Bracelet: Bass