Assembly, Victor Alfaro, Hellesy F/W '15

These past few days I’ve been pinning like crazy my favorite looks from the Fall 2015 runway shows. I’m going to narrow those down to what I consider to be the best of the best and post a mini review here on the blog! Keep your eyes peeled. Feel free to share your opinions on these collections as well.


Designer, Greg Armas

In the winter, overt sex appeal isn’t a priority. This collection features turtlenecks that cover half the face, wide brimmed hats, and dark colors. With that being said, there’s beauty in being covered up. Close-fitted coats keep the body warm but still highlight the female figure, and the obscured face create a sense of mystery.


Victor Alfaro

Oversized separates was a huge trend I noticed this season. In this particular collection, Alfaro played with the length of hems on his sweaters, as well as widened the hem of his pants. The knits look incredibly cozy, and also luxe in a very “Oh, this? I just threw this on…” kind of way.


Designer, Sylvie Millstein

Millstein’s point of reference was what Winona Ryder’s character from the 1992 version of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula,” would wear in modern day, as well as the cold, foggy London atmosphere depicted in the movie. Her inspiration translated beautifully into long, lean, neutral silhouettes for day and tailored evening-wear looks in red for night.

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