5 Simple Back To School Hairstyles

Heading off to college soon or getting ready to go back to school? Sure you’ve got the basics covered… you know what to bring, and now you even know what overlooked items to bring,but once you’re on campus and mom and dad have driven off into the proverbial sunset, you my friend are on your own. When you’re running all over campus trying to make it to your next class you want to make sure everything from your outfit to your hair is cute. Often times in college it’s so easy to fall into the ponytail slump and just brush your hair back and go. But if you try these awesome and easy hairstyles, I promise you will be turning heads everywhere you go.

1. The Top Knot– I recently read an article that said the top knot is going out of style. I say don’t believe the hype. The top knot will literally save your life in college. It’s such a versatile hair style. Not only is it casual enough for Lit 101, but it’s totally chic to wear out to a Frat Party!



2. Curly hair don’t care- For the curly girls out there, don’t fight your curls just embrace them. Your curls are beautiful and are totally on trend right now (although I don’t think they every really went out of style) Put it this way, people pay a lot of money to get what you have naturally! This is an especially easy hairstyle because it usually involves little to no prepjust wash and go!


3. French Braid – If you can’t go study abroad right away you should at least play the part and sport a sexy French braid. Again totally easy to do and involves just a few minutes in the mirror. Bonus for the girls who aren’t naturally curly but still like the look of curls, just French braid your hair at night before bed, and take the braid down in the morning…instant curls!


4. Messy Bun- This look will take you from classroom to date night instantly. It only takes five minutes to do(or less), yet looks totally chic and classic.


5. Fishtail braid- Again another braid that once you have it down is super easy to do. The best part about the fishtail braid is that it can be worn in like a thousand different ways...

Which is your favorite way to wear your hair for school? Have a great first semester!

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