3 Ways To Wear It: Sweater Dress

1. Preppy Chic
Pair a button down top underneath the dress so the collar is the only think showing (if the sleeves from this shirt are still showing, cuff them over the sleeves of your sweater dress). Next, lift up your collar and layer a collar necklace underneath, pull the collar down over top so the back of the necklace won’t show. Add a fun pop of color with your socks, let them peek out from your boots.
2. Urban Classic
Throw on a denim vest over your dress and wear pleather pants or liquid leggings underneath. Just add a beanie hat and some cute sparkly sneaks, and you’re out the door!


3. Downtown Girl
This personally, is my favorite way to wear a sweater dress. Circle a scarf around your neck, slip on some ankle booties and patterned tights. Sometimes a long necklace can add flair in addition to the scarf. A plum-colored lipstick never gets old.

For more information about where you can find these items click here.

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