10 Ways To Wear It: Denim Jacket

Reader’s Question:  

"Could you do an article on how to style the denim jacket? I've been addicted  lately, but I feel like I always style it the same way. I want some new ways to mix
it up! "

All of these looks were created with winter in mind…

Way #1: With A White Button Down


Way #2: With A DressWay #3: With A Floral Skirt

Way #4: With Military Pants

Way #5: With A Hoodie

Way #6: With A Tunic

Way #7: With Pleather Pants

Way #8: With A Cream Sweater

Way #9: WIth Shorts

Way #10: With A Maxi Skirt

which is your favorite way to wear this classic? got any different ways to wear that you wear it? share! comment below…

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