Style Star of the Week: Tina Roe

Name: Tina Roe
Age: 27
Born & Raised in The Bronx, Currently living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, NY.
Occupation: Apparel Inventory Planner

What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning? 

Not much, really. Unfortunately, I don’t give myself enough time in the morning to think about what I am going to wear. When I’m getting dressed for work, I simply grab 3 neutral peices from the  closet and go. I don’t concern myself with silhouettes, textures, or whether I am wearing a dress with pants.  I am comfortable wearing any combination of clothing thats monochromatic, tonal, or dual-toned.  The reason that this works is because I only buy clothes that I absolutely love and I keep the color palette simple. I do think about my footwear a little; when I think my outfit is too casual, I wear heels. When I think my outfit is too formal or dressy, I will wear flats/sneakers that pop a little. I am not sure if my co-workers like my style…I’m sure it’s a little weird to them…but it’s always professional and interesting.
When I go out at night or for an occasion, I try to put a little more thought into my outfits.

Who or what inspires your style?
I love minimal 90s fashion brands like DKNY and Calvin Klein and I love how they have evolved over the years. I love how they could represent sexiness, sophistication, masculinity & androgyny, hip-hop, high fashion all while keeping the designs clean and modern. Solange and Rihanna are definitely style icons that I love but I spend a lot of time admiring and pulling inspiration from 90s/00s r&b and hip hop artists like Aaliyah, Total, and J.lo.
What item of clothing or accessory makes you feel most like yourself and why?
A Hat! I love hats! All hats, fedoras, baseball caps, bucket hats, you name it! I love anything that I can wear on my head.
What is your dream job? My dream job would be to own my boutique. I would love to merchandise and market an online boutique that blended minimalist fashion with hip hop culture.

What’s something you read about related to fashion recently, that you found interesting or thought provoking? 
Recently, I was reading about how a lot of fashion brands implemented rebranding strategies in 2016 in order to recover from declining store sales and changing market. It was interesting how some companies chose to be more “inclusive” with more diverse models and spokespersons. Others chose to implemenent social media campaigns and new digital ecommerce strategies in order to appeal to millenials . What was most interesting, what how Urban Outfitters has picked up on the millenial’s nostalgic craving for the 90s revived a lot hot 90’s brands through licensing agreements. The are attempting to make popular the logos of Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and Champion (among others). I am curious to see if this will become a popular trend that people will buy into and that other retailers will attempt.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I really love observing trends or “regular people” on social media and in the streets (which is how I got into blogging). But outside of this, I just like to chill and catch up with my friends and family; go to brunch and happy hours. I’m so busy with school, blogging, and planning my wedding, that I try to keep any spare time pretty relaxed and easy going.
What is something most people don’t know about you?
I’m kind of shy. I get really anxious speaking in from of groups or certain people at times.
Do you have a mantra you live by?
If so, what is it? Yes, I do. I got this tattooed on my leg when I turned 21: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”. This is quote from CoCo Chanel that inspires me to differentiate myself in most business and social environments. The one thing that I have to mention is that I don’t try to be different just for the sake of being different, but I try to make the best out of the things that by default make me different. I like to highlight those things as opposed to trying to conform.
If you could trade closets with anyone who would it be?
Solange. Definitely.

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