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DIY American Apparel Inspired Outfit for $10

Recently, American Apparel released a limited edition crop top and matching mini skirt. The top and the skirt together retailed at $66. That would be a nice price, if I had $66. Instead of crying about how I would not be able to afford this outfit, I decided to make an outfit that is a little similar to this one. YOU WILL NEED: 1 Spaghetti Strap Cami that’s your actual shirt size= $1.68 (Wal-Mart) 1 Spaghetti Strap Cami that is one size larger than you=$1.68(Wal-Mart) Something washable to mark with = $1 Fabric Scissors= $4 Needle and thread= $2 Or Fabric glue= $3 (if you don’t like to sew) And that’s All. Here’s the outfit I created. To see how to create your own, watch my video tutorial

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Dorm Room DIY \\ Using Washi Tape

Washi tape [wa meaning “Japanese” and shi meaning “paper”] has been all the rage lately as it can be used for scrapbooking, decorating, and pretty much any craft idea you can think of! Haven’t heard of it? According to… Washi tape is typically made from natural fibers, such as bamboo or hemp, but most commonly from the bark of trees that are native to Japan — the mulberry, the mitsumata shrub or the gampi tree. Most washi tapes are strong (as strong as duct tape in some cases!) and functional as well as pretty, making them wonderful for both everyday and decorative use. I recently purchased a bag of this amazing stuff on Etsy (the seller I went through lets you select 8 of your own colors and patterns for a low price!) so I would be ready to DIY my apartment once I move in (August 21!!!). I’ve used the book Totally Washi! by Ashley Ann Laz, to get my creative juices flowing and have already tried a few of her ideas. Below are …

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DIY Floral Crown

Back in April I did a shoot with a local photographer and it featured a beautiful floral crown that she made specifically for our session! I’m seeing the trend everywhere this season, and it’s pretty easy to make one yourself. You can make your crown with either fake or fresh flowers, but of course the fake floral crown will last longer. Here are a few resources that show you how to achieve this look:    

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DAAP Fashion Show 2013

Last weekend, Saturday April 26, was the 62nd annual DAAP Fashion Show held at the University of Cincinnati’s campus recreation center. Every year, students from UC’s college of Design, Agriculture, Art, and Planning create their senior projects and present them to the public. The fashion design students showcase their collections in a much-anticipated fashion show. I got to be a part of the pre-show preparations by being a model for one of the designer’s critiques. This is a gradual process, where the students show their design progress in stages to their professors, and classmates… and of course they offer their suggestions to make it better. In order for me to be a part of the actual fashion show though, I had to audition. There were over 70 models in the Tri-state area that came to try out. Laurie, the director of the show, gave us a speech about how a lot of these models were returning from doing the show last year, so there were a limited number of spots left. She said not to …

DIY: Transforming Old Jeans to Trendy Shorts (2 Ways!)

Recently, I took a trip to Goodwill with two of my besties: Anna and Alice. We were on a mission. We wanted to find a couple pairs of thrifted jeans, cut them into shorts and make them our own. For $5 we each had a new pair of one-of-a-kind shorts! I had so much fun making mine, and I documented the process with my iPhone along the way! Read on to find out how I created them, and what the final look was. I ended up with two pairs of shorts. For the first pair I used lace and studs to decorate with. Here’s how they turned out! To do this is pretty simple. All you need is fabric glue, a few studs, lace trim, scissors and pliers. I started with the lace; once you’ve cut your jeans into shorts, cuff them. Next, measure alongside the bottom of each pant leg how much lace you’ll need to cover the hem and cut. Take your fabric glue and create a line the width of the lace …

DIY: Tie Dyed Nail Art

I came across this video by macbarbie07 a couple of weeks ago and decided to try this super cool nail art! Watch the video or follow along here… Materials A bowl (one you don’t mind getting ruined) Tape or Vaseline Toothpicks Q-tips Nail polish remover Whatever polishes you want to use White nail polish Top coat Steps Paint your nails white to act as the base   coat. You need to especially do this if you decide to use bright colors! Let this dry completely. Unscrew the tops to all of the polishes for easy access. Tape, or apply vaseline around the back of each nail and under your fingers so only your nail beds are exposed. Things will get messy later on, so this prevents the nail polishes from getting all over your fingers and hands!  4.  Fill the bowl with lukewarm water 5.  Drop in one drop of each color in the water. Tip: Keep the droplets close to each other. They should begin to morph together. 6.  Use a toothpick and carefully …

Brianna Fano

Are you a jewelry devotee? If yes, then you should keep your eyes on jewelry designer, Brianna Fano from now on. Brianna is a jewelry designer based in NYC. Brianna actually started making jewelry with her mother when she was kid, from then she decided to pursue her calling in the fashion industry by attending Parsons and graduated in 2010. When studying in Parson’s, Brianna’s focus point was on Prêt-à-Porter and when she was in her senior year she included accessories as one of her substantial component to support her thesis. The collection was very intriguing and attracted a local Lucite fabricator to make a collaboration with her. She then decided to design a collection with Lucite as the essential of the collection inspired by a children’s book, “Animalia“. The result was a bold, elegant and modern collection of jewelry. Brianna successfully manipulated Lucite into beautiful artwork. For this collection, she took a visit to a cave and felt completely surprised by how the beauty of a cave slowly faded away by outside forces, like …

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4 Manicures Inspired By This Season’s Hottest Trends

With the warmer months well on their way, it seems appropriate to take the time to focus on one of the most important aspects of your spring/summer style: your manicure. Your manicure puts the finishing touches on any outfit you wear and is the fastest and easiest way to change up your look with very minimal cost to you. The following nail trends that I’m about to explore are super fun and can easily be done at home. Neon Ok, we can all agree – neon is HUGE this spring/summer, there’s absolutely no way you can deny it. Neon color palettes graced the runways of many top designers SS12 lines, such as Nanette Lepore. Neons are extremely bold and can be somewhat intimidating – fun, but intimidating. However, One of the easiest ways to join the neon trend is by giving yourself a neon manicure. Keep in mind: Make sure to apply a good top coat; neon colors, because they are so vibrant, will be extra noticeable when chipping. If you’re feeling really wild, go …